To Join RO-ILS:

  1. Download the Participation Guide. ASTRO membership is not required for RO-ILS participation; however, you do need a Web User ID to log in and download the Participation Guide. If you do not have a Web User ID, you can create one here
  2. Complete the Participation Form (Appendix F of the Participation Guide) and send to Clarity PSO. This will initiate the contracting process. 
  3. Sign a PSO Provider Service Agreement ("Agreement") with Clarity PSO. Upon receiving your Participation Form, Clarity PSO will send you an editable Agreement for your review. At this time you may propose changes and discuss the Agreement with Clarity PSO. A final Agreement will need to be signed and returned to Clarity PSO. Although there is no financial obligation to participate, practices must sign this Agreement with Clarity PSO to establish the federal protections outlined in the PSQIA. 
  4. Receive Training. Upon signing the Agreement, practices will receive training and login information from Clarity PSO, after which you may begin entering data.

The contracting process will be different for each practice. Please contact Clarity PSO if your practice has specific questions about the contract. Please contact ASTRO staff at if you need guidance on how to begin discussions and/or gain support within your practice for RO-ILS participation. It is also recommended that you consult qualified legal counsel.